Secondary 6th-12th Grade

Extended learning Week

Groups & Forms

One week each spring, usually the week before Spring Break,  is set aside for secondary students to take their learning beyond the Academy classroom. Faculty and parent chaperones, many times with student planning

assistance, provide learning opportunities that are as varied as the participants can arrange, though some

traditions do exist. Traditionally seventh grade students remain in the Moses Lake area and engage in

science type activities, and eighth grade students traditionally explore Washington State in correlation with

their 8th grade Pacific Northwest History class. High school students have an assortment of choices

including the traditional Mission to Moses Lake where students serve the needs of local citizens and


Extended Learning options are made available early in the school year, and planning happens

all through the year so that students and faculty know the requirements for their trip’s success. Upon their

return, student groups report their learning back to the MLCA community on Presentation Night. Because

this program requires students to raise additional funds depending on the trip they select, it is good for

students and families to plan financially well in advance. As with all field trips, the Academy’s student

expectations remain in effect. Students will be graded on their participation during Extended Learning

Week and on the following Presentation Night. This Extended Learning Week and the following

presentation night are required for MLCA students.

6th Grade

  • Ministry in Moses Lake

7th Grade

  • Science Enrichment Trip

8th Grade

  • WA State History Trip

9th - 12th Grade (Varies Per Year)

  • Mission to Moses Lake
  • Europe
  • Back Country Idaho