Extended learning Week

for Secondary (6th-12th Grade)

For one week out of every school year, secondary students leave the classroom setting to experience and learn outside of the traditional school environment. This exciting segment is called Extended Learning Week. Each year a variety of trips are planned that offer unique learning experiences. These activities have been helpful in adding experiences to applications for scholarships and college applications. Parents are needed to help chaperone these trips. Without their help, we are not able to offer these opportunities. 

ELW is scheduled for the last week of March, dates depend on the activity selected.

2023-2024 Extended Learning Options

6th Grade: Service to Moses Lake

The 6th grade class spends ELW doing a number of service projects in and around Moses Lake. 

7th Grade: Science Enrichment

The 7th grade class will participate in a science-based ELW schedule. They will participate in a variety of science enrichment activities throughout the week including day outings and in-house science experiments.

8th Grade: Pacific Northwest Tour or other options

The 8th grade class has three options this year. They can choose  to participate in the High School Guatemala or Washington, D.C. Trips described below  or they will do a educational tour of the Pacific Northwest. 

9th-12th Grades:

Guatemala Missions Trip

The Guatemala Missions Trip is open year to high school students and also 8th graders. It is organized through “Mission Discovery”, an organization we have worked with in years past. Participants will work on manual tasks, interacting with locals and also helping with VBS style children’s programs. They will stay in a hotel setting, with 2-4 to a room, each with a separate bed. It is located in Antigua, Guatemala and is known to be an experience that changes world views and deepen faith. The dates for this trip: Departing March 23rd and returning March 30th. 

We need at least 25 participants, so parents and grandparents are welcome to join this trip. 

Washington, D.C. Trip

The Washington, D.C. Trip is open to all high school and 8th grade students. The group will fly out on March 25 and will return March 29. The proposed DC itinerary includes the White House Visitor Center, a Capitol Hill Tour, visits to a number of monuments and memorials, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and more. 

Backcountry Idaho

Participants in the Backcountry Idaho trip will experience what it is like to live in the backcountry.  Students will live for 5 days with a backcountry outfitter without electricity, learning how to do numerous skills, which could include: bait bears, trap beavers, shoe horses and live off the land.

The dates for this trip are March 23 to the 28th. 

Serve Moses Lake

High schoolers who wish to have a local ELW experience can participate in the Serve Moses Lake Experience. The week will include a variety of activities serving the area community. Students will report each morning ready to participate in indoor or outdoor service activities. 


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