Parent Teacher Fellowship

What is PTF?

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is a volunteer group of individuals who regularly come together to provide opportunities for parents to serve, encourage the faculty and to support the ministry of Moses Lake Christian Academy. PTF is a vital part of the school, supporting and blessing the teachers, staff, and the school in various ways. 

Getting Involved

PTF gives families the opportunity to partner with MLCA Staff in the overall success of our school. If you are a parent, guardian, or grandparent of a MLCA student, then you are part of PTF and are invited to attend and volunteer at all events.

Active involvement in PTF leadership provides a wonderful opportunity to build relationships within the school community, to get to know other parents, find out more about school happenings and teach children the importance of serving others. Together, parents make Moses Lake Christian Academy a unique place for our children to grow in Christ. 

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PTF Activities

Fulfilling Teacher Wish Lists

PTF uses some of funds they raise to help fulfill teacher wish lists. These wish list items are things the teacher would like for their classroom that are not part of their budget. 

Teacher Meals & Treats

PTF provides regular teacher appreciation lunches and dinners during Parent Teacher Conferences. They also stock a snack box in the Teacher Lounge with favorite snacks of any staff member with a birthday in the current month. 

RaiseRight (Formerly Shop With Scrip)

PTF runs the RaiseRight program to help raise funds. RaiseRight is a great way to support Moses Lake Christian Academy. You can help raise funds for the school by purchasing and giving gift cards or by using the RaiseRight app to make your everyday purchases.

We have a variety of gift cards on hand to purchase from Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, and local Moses Lake businesses! And by setting up a RaiseRight account you can use digital cards or order cards to be delivered straight to your home. Learn how you can use the RaiseRight app to help click below.

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