Welcome to Moses Lake Christian Academy!

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is a big decision.

We’re here to answer your questions and help you through the process.

While there is a lot of information on our website, there is no better way to get to know us than to talk to one of our team members and to visit our campus.

During a campus visit, you will be able to see our teachers and students in action!

Our goal during the entire admissions process is to help prospective students & parents, together with our school, determine if this is the right place for each student.

Enrollment Expectations

MLCA is a great christian school where families find competent teachers within a professional and strong academic program.

  • Academic Excellence

    MLCA evaluates report cards for grade level performance in all subjects. Report cards should show a consistent effort with no drops in academic or behavioral performance.

  • Behavioral Development

    Students & parents must be in good standing and must not exhibit behavior that is disruptive to the school or the MLCA community. Students & parents must exhibit behavior, both in & out of school, that is consistent with MLCA's Lifestyle agreement.  

  • Spiritual Growth

    MLCA encourages parents/guardians to be professing believers in Jesus Christ and agree with the school’s statement of faith. We encourage students and their parents to attend, & be involved in, a Christ-centered church. Parents signing the admissions application are indicating support & compliance with our statement of faith.

  • Financial Responsibility

    Families who previously withdrew from MLCA and did not fulfill their tuition contract must clear all financial obligations before an admissions application will be accepted. All financial obligations to MLCA must be kept current.

Enrollment Standards

We at MLCA believe that God has established the home and the church as the primary sources of spiritual development. MLCA in no way intends to replace those institutions and instead, seeks to support them, by holding Christ preeminent in all things.

Our policy is to offer enrollment to parents who desire a Bible-based education with academic excellence for their children. We want to partner with families who are also teaching their children what it means to have a Christian lifestyle regarding personal and family relationships, such as, an ability to share love for others, and even demonstrating a teachable spirit. 

MLCA is dedicated and passionate to ensure the full development of our student's hearts by continually lifting up our students to grow daily in wisdom, stature, and favor. 

If this coincides with what you are seeking for your child, please complete the Admissions Process.