The Best School

for your Child

Moses Lake Christian Academy will


...broaden our students' horizons beyond the classroom and prepare them for success in life. MLCA is a place where children explore their abilities and are challenged to expand their horizons. Our small teacher-to-student ratio encourages students to take risks in exploring their interests and discovering their gifts. 

...offer the very best academic opportunities to fulfill ambitions for life after graduation. MLCA is a place where students interact with remarkable educators on a daily basis. Students who graduate from MLCA will receive a high school diploma recognized at colleges and universities.

...encourage development of strong, life-long friendships with their peers and teachers. MLCA is a place where friendships are made and enduring lessons are learned. Going to school with people from the Moses Lake community helps establish life-long and trusted relationships. Over 90% of our students and faculty return to MLCA every year. a place where Christian values are taught, modeled, and expressed through the school. At MLCA, we effectively blend good education, a safe environment, ample extracurricular activities, and good friends into a cohesive whole - where strong personal values and integrity combine with a Christian worldview to become the cornerstone of a student's life. 

What to Expect

You will see our mission come alive in how our students are treated, encouraged, and challenged in a Christ-centered environment. MLCA is accountable to God first in being responsible educators who challenge our students with academically with excellence. 

Through passionate and qualified faculty & staff, and an uncompromising approach to academics, we have pursued a consistent vision for several years. 

Here are the application steps

  1. Submit the completed application with the required admissions fee. (Note: Admissions fees are non-refundable).
  2. Once the application is received, an Enrollment Coordinator will contact you to schedule a time for student testing, a requirement for all grades. Testing does not guarantee acceptance, rather, it allows us to assess each student's ability.
  3. Following testing, the Enrollment Coordinator will be in contact to schedule a time for a follow-up meeting with the Head of School & Principal to discuss testing outcomes, personal history, MLCA philosophy, and our Christian commitment.
  4. Once the above steps are completed, an admissions decision will be made and communicated to you.

We suggest that you schedule a tour of our campus before the admissions process.

Visit MLCA, ask questions, and get a feel of what we are all about.

Applying for Admission

Our application process ensures that we are the right environment for your student - and the family as a whole. It also identifies how we can best serve each student, so that they reach their fullest potential.

You will see that our application process includes an agreement with our statement of faith and lifestyle agreement, academic testing, and personal interviews with the Head of School. 

If you are ready to complete and submit your application,

Apply Now!

You're welcome to come visit!

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is a big decision.

We’re here to answer your questions and help you through the process.

While there is a lot of information on our website, there is no better way to get to know us than to talk to one of our team members and to visit our campus.

During a campus visit, you will be able to see our teachers and students in action!

Our goal during the entire admissions process is to help prospective students & parents, together with our school, determine if this is the right place for each student.

Enrollment Expectations

MLCA is a great christian school where families find competent teachers within a professional and strong academic program.

  • Academic Excellence

    MLCA evaluates report cards for grade level performance in all subjects. Report cards should show a consistent effort with no drops in academic or behavioral performance.

  • Behavioral Development

    Students & parents must be in good standing and must not exhibit behavior that is disruptive to the school or the MLCA community. Students & parents must exhibit behavior, both in & out of school, that is consistent with MLCA's Lifestyle agreement.  

  • Spiritual Growth

    MLCA encourages parents/guardians to be professing believers in Jesus Christ and agree with the school’s statement of faith. We encourage students and their parents to attend, & be involved in, a Christ-centered church. Parents signing the admissions application are indicating support & compliance with our statement of faith.

  • Financial Responsibility

    Families who previously withdrew from MLCA and did not fulfill their tuition contract must clear all financial obligations before an admissions application will be accepted. All financial obligations to MLCA must be kept current.