Lions  are  Powerful

Moses Lake Christian Academy is a launching pad for students who are in the pursuit of lives that represent and express the love of God through excellence in every endeavor. 

It is the desire of everyone at MLCA that our students would be living witnesses of, and for, the grace, compassion, and love of our Almighty God.

The quality education at MLCA goes beyond the academics. 

Our instruction includes a commitment to a Bible-based philosophy of education that integrates principles & scriptural truths with academic & social expectations for every student, challenging them to develop foundations for the future.

What  does  MLCA offer? 

Our Students obtain:

  • A quality college-prep education that integrates biblical principles in every day teaching.
  • Certified teachers and professional staff members who exemplify their Christian faith in and out of the classroom.
  • Partnerships with the home and church to establish strong, consistent spiritual and academic foundations for every child.
  • Instruction that includes the opportunity to view and teach each academic area through the lens of God’s Word.
  • Rigorous, comprehensive curriculum which emphasizes critical thinking skills and encourages student discussion.
  • Small class sizes = individualized attention for each student!
  • Parental access to school activities and information online.
  • The provision of a secure and loving environment.

Every Student is Represented

MLCA offers programs where all students fit in. With a variety of course schedule options, MLCA students can enroll in competitive courses, and participate in high-standard activities that will challenge them continuously, both at school and for years to come.

MLCA offers:

  • Wednesday Chapel Services & Buddy Chapel
  • Friend Day, Field Day, Hop Ahead Day & Kite Day
  • Spelling Bee and Speech Competitions
  • Partnership College Courses where college credits can be earned
  • Competitive Athletic Program with Girls & Boys sports.
  • Foreign Language classes
  • Extended Learning - Students travel to other cities, states, and countries to immerse themselves in culture & community service
  • Worship & Choir Programs