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The Everyday Way to Make an Impact

Gift card fundraising is the right way to raise money. Buy gift cards from your favorite brands to earn on your daily purchases—like grabbing your morning coffee or buying groceries. It’s the easy way to create opportunities for what matters most to you. No extra money spent. No extra time wasted. 

Earn in 3 simple steps: 

Buy a Gift Card (from the secondary office).

Use the Gift Card (the brand gives back).

MLCA Earns (no extra money comes out of your pocket).


Start earning on-the-go today:

Now, there's an easier way to earn. The new Scrip mobile app, RaiseRight, lets families get gift cards from 250+ brands shipped right to their door. Shop gift cards from more than 750 top brands—right from your phone. Whether you’re at home or at the store. Get started with on-the-go fundraising that creates opportunities for the people that matter most to you. 

A better way to raise funds for MLCA