Striving for Academic Excellence

The faculty and staff at Moses Lake Christian Academy diligently and passionately work to help our students be successful in their academic years and future careers.

We intentionally partner with parents, universities, churches, and other community groups to help build our students in not only achieving academic excellence, but also in striving to make the world a better place.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Playing & learning to create new things!

Our full-day programs enable our young students during their academic transitions through the years.

Our experienced teachers and paraprofessionals provide structured, yet fun routines in a nurturing environment to help each child feel ready to learn and be successful at school.

Biblical principles are incorporated into our academic programs so that our students begin to develop a Christian Worldview.

Elementary School

Primary ranges from Kindergarten through 6th grade.

MLCA provides a Christ-centered education through experiences and opportunities within academics, fine arts, and sports, preparing students to be well-prepared for Secondary. Daily prayer, devotions, and weekly chapel services provide a solid biblical integration, challenging students to think critically & in a biblical manner.

Elementary Handbook

Elementary Dress Code

Middle & High School

MLCA's academic program provides and environment where students are encouraged to discover and develop their passions & talents, ensuring preparedness for a lifetime of learning.

We strive for our students to possess and represent characteristics of academic achievement as well as spiritual leadership.

Secondary Handbook

Secondary Dress Code


A hands-on & active learning approach, from preschool through graduation.


    You are wonderfully made by our Perfect Creator, and you've only just begun to learn who you are! MLCA is the place to applaud your talents and challenge yourself to try new things!


    You can make a difference, and the world needs you. Every person has a voice. MLCA is the place to figure out what you believe, and why it matters.


    You are not alone - you are right at home. MLCA is more than a community you can rely on, it's also a family where you can thrive alongside friends, teachers & educators, coaches, and mentors.