Social Giving Campaign

Moses Lake Christian Academy has been serving the Moses Lake Community for more than 40 year. Our school has been instrumental in providing opportunities for children to thrive in areas of spiritual enrichment and educational development. 

Our intention is to keep tuition prices affordable, and introduce enrollment opportunities to families who deserve a quality education, but may not be able to afford costs completely. MLCA aims to impact families and as many students as possible, with the full understanding that the tuition charged per students will not cover the actual cost to educate them. 

We faithfully trust that through the generosity of faithful donors, God will provide the funds needed to move forward and continue making a difference. 

Help MLCA bridge the $193,000 tuition gap - no donation amount is too small. 

For more information, and for another donating option, please visit our

18-19 Social Giving Facebook Fundraising Page here.