Please review dress code rules. As we continue into our Fall Semester, Mr. Perry will be continuing to actively enforce the MLCA Dress Code.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns | info@mlca.us

Elementary Dress Code

Secondary Dress Code

2019-2020 ASB

Congratulations to the elected 19-20 ASB Representatives and Class Officers!


President:  Jorgia Snook

Vice-President:  Jocelyn Lloyd

Secretary:  McKenna Meise

Treasurer:  Jon Thompson

12th Grade Class Rep:  Logan Pruett

11th Grade Class Rep:  Sophie Emerson

10th Grade Class Rep:  Landon Pruett

9th Grade Class Rep:  Lorena Serrato

8th Grade Class Rep:  Gracie Jewel & Jonah Robertson

7th Grade Class Rep:  Nina Garza & Brandon Swinger

Stay tuned for updates and news on Back to School, Fall Retreat, and Campus Events & Activities.