Give back with Service Hours

Are you looking to make a real impact on the lives of the students at MLCA? Here is your chance!

Volunteers and Community Partners are making a difference; they are here to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and attributes that truly are the hallmark of quality education - all through servant leadership.

Volunteering time towards MLCA not only aids our faculty and staff in the day-to-day, but clearly demonstrates to the students that their success is important enough for the community to take an active role in their education.

Ready to put in your service hours? 

Contact Secondary Office Manager, Cindy Serrato, to get signed up today!

509-765-9704  |


We are always in need of volunteers!

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to the MLCA family, our community - and to you!

Here are some ways we need some immediate help:


Chapel Speaker


Scoreboard & Shot Clock for High School Basketball

Concession Stand for High School Basketball 

Middle School Volleyball Referee

Volleyball Line Judge


Board Meetings

Office Administrative Sub (M-T, TH-F: 11:40-1:15 / W: 11:40-1:30)

Field Trip Chaperone  |  contact us for field trip days/times

HS Dance Chaperones  |  contact us for field trip days/times


General Landscaping  |  weed pulling, sweeping, leaf collection, tumbleweed

Elementary & Secondary Lunchroom Duty  |  sweep, mop, dust, microwaves, counter

Janitorial  |  sweeping, classroom cleanup

MLCA Front Signage Upkeep

MLCA Vehicle Maintenance

Snow Removal

Remember, Service Hours are awarded for Volunteering

Call Cindy or Jinjer to sign up  |  509-765-9704

Please report & update your hours on Sycamore